March 6th 2012 -Quake 3 Arena Levels-


Q3MP Elysium

This is a Quake 3 level I am creating with hopes of getting it into QuakeLive for Clan Arena game type. It uses 100% stock textures(yeah I boring). But this was done in hopes to ease the ability to get it into QuakeLive so there would be no confusion in terms of user created textures/assets.

It is using the gothic "block" set mostly. It is a relatively large map with higher than normal ceilings (I hate rocket jumping into a low ceiling), and it has pretty good flow me thinks.

It will be released to the public very soon and hopefully through that feedback will get even better. Screenshots below.













Q3MP Warehouse

This Quake 3 level was also created with the intention of QuakeLive Clan Arena game type. It is set in a...get this...warehouse setting. These textures are user created. Some by me, some by various packs that had been made going around the net. This map has two teleporters that can be used strategically to get around the level and control certain areas.

There are quite a few trick jumps in this level, so finding them all will be to the players advantage. This map will also be released quite soon, but I am currently still in the process of lighting tweaks and such.

























































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