Josh Tyrell

Austin, Texas


Professional Experience

Certain Affinity 2010-2011

Hired as a Sr. Level Designer on Halo Anniversary Edition

Map owner for Timberland(Ridgeline) and Hang 'em High(High Noon)
Worked closely with the design department to maintain consistency with original maps
Collaborated with the art team throughout the design process

Promoted to Lead Level Designer on Halo Anniversary Edition

Placed in charge of finalizing all 6 multiplayer maps
Worked to finalize spawn point and weapon placement
Worked closely with the audio department to establish audio theme and placement of sound sources
Responsible for maintaining bug list and fixing relevant issues
Help facilitate design process for Fire Fight Map

Tornado Studio 2008 – 2010

Senior Game Designer
Designed features and levels for Project Runway: The Game.
Created all in game 3-d backdrops and levels using 3D Studio Max.
Scripted all levels for various game play designs.
Assisted with several demos for publishers, including the Crytek engine.
Created and implemented music for various levels.

TimeGate Studios, Inc. 2007 – 2008

Lead Level Designer
Created various test levels for game concepts, using Unreal 3 Engine for a sci-fi FPS, Section 8.
Helped spearhead one of the main game play features, "dropping".
Created test levels and scripts by working closely with artists and programmers.
Designed and implemented lighting "Prefabs" that would become the basis of different time of days for various levels in the game.
Lead responsibilities:
Managed 7 level designers.
Held daily map reviews for all designers.
Helped designers with conceptualizing 2D paper maps into completed map stages.
Collaborated closely with art leads on creating instanced geometry for use within all game levels.

Mad Doc Software 2006 – 2007

Level Designer
Designed maps utilizing Unreal Engine 3 for an unannounced FPS game.
Worked with leads on various demos for publishers using the Unreal Engine 3.
Created multiplayer co-op levels for Turok (UE3).
Briefly worked on multiplayer levels for Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway.

Hi-Rez Studios 2004 – 2006

Level Designer
Worked on various test levels for an FPS – MMO game using Unreal Engine 3.
Designed various gameplay environments to coincide with the design features being implemented.
Worked closely with programmers on implementing scripting needed for game play elements.

2015 Inc. 2001 – 2004

Level Designer
Created several demos for publishers using various game engines:
Unreal 2.0, Source Engine and Quake 3 Engine.
Level Designer on Men of Valor (Unreal 2.0)
Designed several single player levels from creation to scripting, as well as designing all xbox multiplayer levels.
Created various set pieces for use within the game using 3ds Max.
Designed all multiplayer game types.
Created multiplayer map for PC version when released.
Touched up many maps for PC release using enhanced features for light mapping with static meshes.

Community Maps 1999 – 2001

Level Designer
Released over 35 maps for Unreal Tournament.
Received 3rd place in the “Make Something Unreal Contest” in the Domination Map category.
Remorseless map pack released with over 20,000 downloads in the first weekend.
Placed in the Human Head mapping contest for Rune. Designed a map that was shipped with the boxed game.
Self-taught various engines and released maps for Quake 3 and Half-life.

Georgia State University



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