May 7th 2012 - Good VS Bad


Ok, I have good news and bad news. I will start off with the bad news. About 2 weeks ago, one of my monitors decided to die on me (after only about 4 years), so I have not completed work on the Quake 3 levels. I know it sounds spoiled but I find it almost impossible to be in a level editor with only 1 monitor. So the maps might have to wait a while until I can find a cheap replacement or just update my whole rig. It probably would be a good idea as it is about 5 or 6 years old at this point (still running Vista......ugh!).


Good news. So some of that work that delayed the levels in the first place seems to be paying off. I had a buddy that I met in Houston a couple of years ago that did music. Long story short, he recently asked me to do some remixes to his songs. So I jumped at the opportunity (duh), and it seems that something great might come out of this. In the long run I will probably be remixing about 5 of his songs, but my 3rd one seemed to catch his ears so he, t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8, will be performing it live in Houston on May 19th at the FlyFest at 8:00pm. Check out his site HERE.


Also, below is a video with a snippet of the song with one of the dancers that will also be performing that night along side him, bustin a move. Follow her links to her channel on Vimeo below.


Demo for t.h.e MisFit Crazy8 from BGirl Amy on Vimeo.



























April 16th 2012 - Videos Made for Upcoming Levels


I have been very busy working on many things that have taken me away from working on the Quake 3 levels. But have no fear. With in the next couple of days, I will be releasing 3 levels, yes, 3.




Below are the movies so you can get an idea of what has changed and what is upcoming. Let me know if you have any questions.



Elysium Rev_2


Tournament Rev_1











































March 8th 2012 - REMMP1_Elysium_REV1 RELEASED!


That about says it all, Elysium is released to the public as REV1 (1st revision). Go and grab it, play it, and email me some feedback on how to make it better!

Here is the link to the level page that has a description of the map, some screenshots and the download link. Keep in mind this level was only "tested" by myself and my fiancee so I am sure there are things that we missed that people will spot. So please feel free to email me with suggestions/comments so I can fine tune this map into what it should be.

By the way. So there is not any confusion. My level design name is "Remorseless". But in Quake Live and the forums, I go by "Digimerc".












March 6th 2012 - A new year!


Wow, 2012 is already a third over, boy time sure does fly. I have been doing some personal projects that are about to be released to the public.

To keep my level design chops up, I turned oldschool and have been creating some levels for Quake 3. These levels were made for two reasons. First as mentioned, I wanted to keep my level design skills from rusting, and I think Quake 3 is a great engine to showcase "white boxing" abilities. Second, I was hoping that they might get into the Quake Live rotation. I love that game, specifically the Clan Arena game type. Both of these levels were created with that game type in mind.

Both levels will be released very soon. Though they will be considered completed, I am sure there will be some issues that come up that I may have missed. Therefore, each release will have a "_rev#" at the end of it, and I will make changes from any feedback that is received, then upload the newer version. When the levels are considered final, there will no longer be a "_rev#" on the file name.

Pictures of these maps are to the right under the WIP banner. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Why the need to do these personal projects to keep my level design skills from rusting?! Well I took some personal time off from the industry. But I am back and better than ever and am currently looking for a great company that I can contribute to.

So check out my resume, and all the other goodies here and shoot me an email!

















August 19th 2011 - It's been awhile!


So it has been almost 1 year without me updating. Couple things. My yahoo account got hacked and now taken over (why would they give someone a deleted account so quickly). Anyways I have updated the contact link to link to my new email. If you need it for some reason it is "". Pretty straight forward.

Been working on some music lately and will be uploading more and more as i create new songs. Check out my youtube page (music link) and check back every so often for updates.

I will be posting more often (atleast I'll try) so check back for any updated news. Also if you get any emails from "" it is NOT me. Someone hacked me and then someone (maybe same person?!) took it over. Bottom line, it is NOT me.

Also, I finally got some pictures of my parents farm and thought I would share them with everyone. It is a beautiful place and is about as peaceful as it gets. Talk about the perfect getaway. The only thing it is missing is an ice cold Corona and a can wish can't they?!

Click here to see the pics.















September 13th 2010 - Work in Progress Update


Just a quick update on a level I started working on. Not sure this map will ever be completed, but if it is, it will be a throwback to the "oldschool" deathmatch levels. Lots of verticality, jump pads, and some nice flow between the various areas of the level.

It is a "gothic" style map using some of the "NEC" assets from UT3. These assets in general really bug me. Most of the textures in this set are SOO busy , to me, it detracts from the level. I will be only using the "realistic" textures and assets from this package and will probably end up modeling some of my own.

Head on over to the WIP section or click the pretty picture to the right to see some shots and where I am at with the map and where the map is heading.











September 6th 2010 - ValhallaReborn Released


Been working a couple weeks on an Unreal Tournament 3 level, VCTF-ValhallaReborn. My remake of the classic Halo 3 map Valhalla.

It is a combination of the classic map with my own twists on things. Most of the assets used for it are the stock Unreal Tournament assets, but I did create the outer cliffs used in the level.

Head on over to the levels section to see more from the map and see some game play overlay pics.

I will be starting another map right away, not sure at this point if it will be a CTF or DM map, but the one thing I do know, is it will probably be a gothic style map. I will update the site with WIP screens of that map so check back in a couple days for updates!
















WIP shot of Quake 3 Arena Level.




It is finally released! Go and get it and give me some feedback!


VCTF - ValhallaReborn


My remake of the classic Halo 3 level.

Copyright 2010 Josh Tyrell